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∘ In accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Casualty Investigation Instrument, marine safety investigations do not seek to apportion blame or determine liability. The objective of such investigations is to prevent marine casualties and marine incidents in the future.

∘ Act on the Investigation of an Inquiry into Marine Accidents, Article 18-3 (Formation of Special Investigation Board)

- Where the chief investigator of the Korea tribunal deems it necessary to conduct a special investigation into any of the following marine accidents in order to prevent such marine accidents in the future, in addition to investigations conducted upon request for an inquiry, he/she may organize a special investigation board:

1. A marine accident that results in a loss of human life;
2. A marine accident that results in severe damage to a ship or any other facility to the extent that the ship or facility can no
    longer perform its essential functions;
3. A marine accident that results in serious marine pollution by the leakage of oil, etc.;
4. A marine accident or near-miss requiring international cooperation for investigation, other than the marine accidents specified
    in Subparagraphs 1 through 3.