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International Investigation Cooperation Activities

The KMST plays a leading role in the International Marine Accident Investigation Forum (MAIIF) and Marine Accident Investigation Forum in Asia (MAIFA), actively participating in various international cooperation efforts, such as the sharing of advanced investigation techniques and exchange of ideas. It has also established bilateral cooperation with China to promote the effective exchange of accident information and personnel.

MAIIF (Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum)

  • ∘ Purpose: To foster international cooperation in marine accident investigation and the development scientific investigation methods
  • ∘ History : The forum had its first meeting with 17 member countries in June 1992 in Hull, Canada, and has since been held in a different country every year. As of 2020, it has 54 member countries.
  • ∘ Website: http://maiif.org/

MAIFA (Marine Accident Investigators Forum in Asia)

  • ∘ Purpose: To exchange ideas on maritime accident investigations in the Asia region
  • ∘ History : The forum started as an informal meeting attended by delegates from four investigation organizations in 1998 and has since been held in different venues. It has 14 member countries as of 2020.
  • ∘ Website: http://www.maifa.org/

Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments

  • ∘ Purpose: To effectively implement IMO instruments and related laws, with which all member countries must comply equally, thus ensuring maritime safety and marine environment protection
  • ∘ Role of the Korea Maritime Safety Tribunal: Review and respond to the activities of the Correspondence Group regarding marine accident investigation reports listed in the IMO GISIS, consider agendas related to marine accidents, identify international trends, and strengthen networks and coordination for marine accident investigation